Recent Projects

Check out some of our recent projects

Below are some pictures of projects Black Bear Resources is participating on throughout the Williston Basin.   

  • Albert 14-23H

    Coil tubing clean out prior to flow
  • Berger 156-101-9-4-1H

    Patterson 134 drilling Berger well
  • BMP 19-20

    BMP 19-20
  • BW Ethyl Larson

    BW Ethyl Larson
  • BW Norgard

    BW Norgard
  • Colfax 1x-19

    Colfax 1x-19
  • Cymbaluk Federal - Whiting Oil

    Cymbaluk Federal 41-15PH being completed
  • Cymbaluk Federal 41-15H

    Pioneer 73 Rig setting up
  • Doris - Elerly Project

    Doris - Elerly Project
  • Elizabeth Ann 1-32H

    Elizabeth Ann 1-32H
  • En Leo and En Freda

    Hess multi-well set in heart of Bakken
  • En Leo and En Weyrauch

    En Leo (left) and En Weyrauch (right) under drill
  • GO-Johnson

  • GO-State

  • Gravgaard w Nabors 419 Rig

    Gravgaard w Nabors 419 Rig
  • Guy Federal 24X-35A

  • Isadore 6-7H Well - Fidelity Exploration & Production Co.

    B28 Nabors Drill Rig
  • Kings Canyon and Teton Project

    Burlington Resources - 5 drill rigs on location
  • Lake Sakakawea Ice Fracture

    Approximately 6 mile long ice fracture on Lake Sakakawea near Red Mike golf course
  • Larry 41-7H

    Ready rig down
  • Lonnie Well

    Production tanks set on Lonnie well pad
  • Lovaas Well

    Lovass Well with workover rig
  • MC-Sickler Wells

    MC-Sickler pump jacks
  • Mularchek 139-97-6

    Mularchek 139-97-6 under drill
  • Odessa 1-17H

    Rig Ensign 161 on Odessa 1-17H
  • Pavlish Well

    Pavlish Well
  • Peaceful Valley Project

    Peaceful Valley frac valve and staging
  • Stevenson 1-31H

    Cyclone Rig #5 on Stevenson 1-31H
  • Stuss 1-26H

    Stuss 1-26H
  • Wilhelm 1-21H

    Wilhelm 1-21H
  • Yauch and Horivitz wells

    Sinclair wells south of the Little Missouri