Business Plan Objectives

The principal objectives of the Company are:

1.         To acquire net mineral leasehold and ownership interests focused primarily within the Williston Basin in the Bakken and Three Forks shale oil plays or other regions in the United States with similar geological makeup;

2.         To strategically deploy investment dollars as a non-operator through direct investment into drilling and completion costs (tangible and intangible drilling costs) as opportunities materialize;

3.         To provide cash distributions to Members from the Company’s oil production revenue, while maintaining a focus on growing the Company’s balance sheet and production through the reinvestment of the Company’s oil and gas revenues and the acquisition of additional other mineral leasehold and ownership interests; and

4.         To manage the long term position of the Company by adapting to the ever changing landscape of oil and gas, remaining focused on growing oil and gas production revenues through multiple non-operated working interests.  The acquisition of non-operated working interests may, from time to time, involve the purchase of existing, producing assets.