Black Bear Resources is headquartered in Lake Elmo, Minnesota
Close to the infrastructure of Minneapolis and only a short flight or day drive to the Williston Basin in North Dakota 


Adapted from http://www.slideshare.net/MarcellusDN/eia-drilling-productivity-report-august-2014

"I have said many times, there's only one Bakken. It is the most important oil discovery in the past 50 years. It's massive, one of the largest pure oil resource plays in the world, and we have de-risked 3,800 square miles for multiple benches. It's onshore American, it's 85% oil, and it has one of the most consistent, high quality crudes anywhere in the world. And it's just getting started. Bakken will soon surpass 1 million Boe per day of production, and I expect that to double again within ten years."

Harold G. Hamm, Chairman and CEO of Continental Resources, Q3 2013 Earnings Call
Adapted from esask.uregina.ca/entry/williston_basin.html